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4 Random Holidays To Celebrate At A Mexican Restaurant

Some of the most well-known Mexican holidays include Cinco De Mayo and the Day of the Dead, but there are actually a lot of random holidays that can be celebrated with Mexican tradition. The following four holidays are perfect for celebrating with some loved ones and friends at a local restaurant like Lares Restaurant. When attending on these specific days, you may even be able to take advantage of some great deals and meal combos.

National Taco Day

Some people may claim that every Tuesday is officially “Taco Tuesday,” but once a year, the beloved Mexican dish gets its own celebration in October. October 4th is officially known as National Taco Day and is mainly celebrated by Mexican restaurants across the United States.

For this celebration, indulge yourself on a variety of tacos including soft shell, hard shell, and all types of ingredients like fish, beef, and chicken. The day is a great way celebrate your favorite type of taco or branch out and try something new.

National Dessert Day

It may be close to Halloween, but that doesn’t stop sweet lovers from getting a big treat on National Dessert Day, October 14th. When celebrating at a restaurant, you can try plenty of Mexican food that has a special twist on dessert. Examples include the dessert taco filled with ice cream, flan, or fried empanadas. Each dessert has a variety of flavors and spices that compliment traditional Mexican meals well.

National Nachos Day

Another great Mexican dish is a large platter of nachos. Not only is the holiday celebrated every year on November 6th, but it is the perfect indulgence to get you primed and ready for Thanksgiving.

A large platter of nachos are ideal for a group of friends as you watch some football or just hang out in a Mexican restaurant. The best part of nachos are the variety of toppings you can get on them like cheeses, olives, chicken, and a variety of peppers. See your spice limits by including a number of different peppers.

Benito Juarez’s Birthday

In Mexico, Benito Juarez is one of the most respected leaders in the country’s history. His birthday is celebrated in early March every year, and you can find increasing celebrations at restaurants and bars all over the United States. To help celebrate his birthday, you can try one of the more traditional Mexican dishes. This includes Mexican corn, enchiladas, and barbacoa. Barbacoa is a slow cooked barbecue dish that can be made with a number of different flavors.

Even if a holiday isn’t coming up, you can still enjoy some great Mexican food. Call a local restaurant to find out specials and popular menu items.

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