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Restaurants That Are Vegetarian Friendly

If you are a vegetarian, or are friends with vegetarians, then you know how difficult it can be to go out to eat. Many restaurants are not vegetarian friendly. They might not offer many meals that are meat-free. Sometimes a restaurant might not have anything that is vegetarian beside salad.

If you’re going out to dinner with someone who is a vegetarian, it is a good idea to choose a place where they will feel comfortable. It is awkward to ask the waiter to make special changes to make a meal vegetarian, and often times the cooks will not be able to accommodate the request.

Here are some places that are usually vegetarian friendly and some of the meals that you might find on the menu:

Italian Restaurants

Italian food is really popular and it is also vegetarian friendly. There are many dishes that contain no meat or fish.

The great thing about Italian food is that there are so many variations of vegetarian dishes. You don’t have to stick to pasta-based dishes either. There are eggplant, potato, and rice based meals.

Some popular meals that are vegetarian include eggplant Parmesan, mushroom risotto, Spaghetti with Arrabiata sauce, fettuccine Alfredo, and pumpkin ravioli.

Indian Restaurants

Indian restaurants are sometimes completely vegetarian. This is because many Indians are vegetarians. In fact, India has the largest community of vegetarians in the world. This is due to the religious beliefs of the people. Hindus, Jains, and other groups abstain from meat for religious reasons.

Because vegetarianism is so widespread, and has been around for so long, Indian cuisine is rich in vegetarian recipes.

Here are some popular vegetarian meals that you will find in Indian restaurants like Haveli Vegetarian Cuisine and a brief description what they are:

Allo Matar: This is a very popular potato dish. It originates in the Punjabi region. The dish is very spicy and flavorful. The sauce is tomato based and has garlic, peas, turmeric, cumin and other spices. It is usually served with Indian flatbread.

Malai Kofta: These are similar to meatballs, except they are made with a mixture of vegetables, cheese, and potatoes. The kofta is served with a spicy gravy and bread.

Saag Paneer: This is a very rich and delicious dish made with spinach and paneer (Indian cheese).

Chana Masala: This dish is vegan and is made of chickpeas cooked in a spicy sauce. Tomatoes are simmered with cinnamon, mango, nutmeg, garlic and other ingredients. Chana Masalla is either served with basmati rice or with flatbread.

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