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Try Out-Of-The-Ordinary Pizza Varieties For A Fun Project

If you haven’t spent much time exploring different pizza restaurants in your region, start doing so now for a fun project. Over the next several months or throughout the year, try various kinds of pizza at numerous dining establishments and make note of which meals and places you like best. You might get your significant other, friends and relatives in on the venture for more opinions. This is a delicious adventure you’ll assuredly enjoy.

Your Favorite Pizza

If you’re a fan of pizza, no doubt you have an absolute favorite kind. Whether it’s a thin crust or a Chicago style, a vegetarian pie or one loaded with meat, make a plan to try this version at several restaurants you’ve never been to before. 

A Different Sauce

Many restaurants offer some pizza sauces that don’t have a tomato base. Two of the most popular include the pesto sauce and one called cheesy artichoke.

Pesto is a green sauce with an abundance of basil, garlic and Parmesan or Romano cheese. You may have tasted a cheesy artichoke sauce at a restaurant that serves it as dip for veggies, crackers or bread. Turning this into a pizza topping has wonderful results.  

Locally Supplied Fresh Ingredients

Pizza restaurants featuring fresh ingredients from local suppliers may not be common, but do some research and discover whether any in your area offer locally produced vegetables or meat. You might need to look into gourmet specialty dining establishments that advertise their use of local ingredients and discover whether they serve pizza. 

Vegan Style

Every pizzeria can make customers a vegetarian pizza unless all their pies are created ahead of time, but a vegan one? That’s more of a challenge to find. A vegetarian restaurant in your area may have vegan-style pizza, with or without non-dairy cheese. In addition, you may be able to locate a pizzeria that uses non-dairy cheese, or offers cheese-free pesto sauce with your choice of vegetable toppings. 

Gluten-Free Options

Restaurants are increasingly offering gluten-free options to customers who have been diagnosed with celiac disease or who simply prefer to restrict their intake of wheat and other grains containing gluten. Even if this doesn’t describe you, it’s interesting to try some of the alternative crusts that chefs have devised. You may have the chance to try crusts made from potato or rice flour, or cornmeal. 

Start Your Adventure

You can start your fun and delicious project whenever you’re ready. Look forward to learning a lot about pizza and the variety of menus in the region where you live. You might even discover a couple of new top favorites that you truly enjoy. 

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