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Kitchen Items For the Outdoor Couple

When it comes to buying gifts for couples, shopping can be difficult. Some couple create a registry, but they may not even realize all the options that are out there. This is especially true if they are a young couple setting up housekeeping for the very first time. You know that they are going to need some items for the kitchen. You also know how rough it can be to start out on your own, especially if you don’t have a hope chest or anything similar. You’ll want to get the couple kitchen items they will use, but you don’t necessarily want to try to force a particular type of decor on them. The solution is to get them kitchen items that are useful when it comes to their other interests. When it comes to couples who enjoy the outdoors, there are plenty of items to choose from.

Fishing Supplies

If the couple enjoys fishing, then they probably enjoy cooking the fish as well. There are some really handy smallwares that make dealing with fish in the kitchen much easier. Consider any of the items below.

  • Fillet knife: The fillet knife is especially sharp so that it can be used to scale and fillet fish. Other knives make the process far messier and difficult than it needs to be just because they aren’t thin enough or sharp enough to handle the job smoothly.
  • Fish spatula: The fish spatula is a slotted tool that makes it easy to turn fish. It’s a bit wider than other spatulas so it isn’t as easy to break delicate cooked fish when you turn them.
  • Lobster ring: For those who are really serious about fishing, the lobster ring means they can cook lobster right in their kitchen instead of picking one out in a restaurant.
  • Lobster claw mitt: If you’re looking for a fun gift for a fishing couple, the lobster claw oven mitt is useful, but also looks somewhat humorous.

Hunting Supplies

People who like to hunt also like to process their own meat. You might consider anything from a dehydrator for making jerky to a meat grinder for grinding up the meat they don’t want to cook as a whole slab.

Cast Iron Cookware

Cast iron is great because you can use it inside or outside. It cooks just as well on a stove top as is does on a camp fire. Cleanup is as simple as wiping the pot or pan out when they are done, so those who like to use it when camping don’t have to worry about packing the dish soap.

Some of these items are perfect for couples simply because they aren’t things that a new couple can afford to buy right away. Instead, they will go without and make do with something else. You can help the young couple out by offering them some of these dream supplies for those who enjoy the outdoors.

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