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Why You Should Buy An Antique Garland Stove

Antique gas stoves are a treasured commodity in the kitchen of serious cooks and amateur gourmands alike. Though modern Garland stoves are still being manufactured, the old-fashioned gas ranges that were made before 1955 are not only collectible, but also practical. You might wonder why you should spend thousands of dollars on an old stove, rather than investing in a modern one. The following is a list of reasons why a Garland stove is a sound investment and would be an incredible edition to your kitchen.

It looks adorably retro

Antique gas stoves are full of charm and character. They also come in a wider array of colors than modern appliances. A vintage Garland stove is sure to enhance the appearance of any kitchen.

It will appreciate in value

Modern stoves that are computerized will become obsolete as soon as the technology changes. Whereas an antique stove is using the tried and true, analog method of gas heating up cast iron. As antique gas stoves become more rare, they will continue to increase in value.

It was considered a “dream” stove by Julia Child

Julia Child famously used a Garland stove to prepare her famous recipes for the French cuisine that is featured in her cookbook “Mastering the Art of French Cooking.” It was her “dream” stove. She wrote in her memoir that she loved her Garland stove so much she “vowed to take it to my grave!” Child’s Garland stove is now in The Smithsonian.

It’s easy to restore or to repair

Antique stoves are made out of cast iron, steel, and porcelain. These materials can have the old grease, paint, and rust scraped off of them and made to look new again. There are places that still sell parts that fit old vintage Garland stoves, like garland stove parts suppliers. You can buy a Garland stove that is already restored, or you can order parts and put in the elbow grease to restore your own. Once you cook in your new-to-you Garland stove, it’s doubtful that you would ever want to part ways with it; however if the day comes to sell your restored or repaired stove, it will likely be worth more than what you paid for it.

It is incredible to cook with

The most important part about buying a Garland stove, is of course all of the wonderful food you can prepare with it. An antique Garland stove has features like two ovens for cooking dishes at different temperatures, and a built in pancake griddle.