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4 Unique Catering Options

If you have a work, school, or other function for which you need catering, consider going a route that is somewhat nontraditional. There are numerous ways in which you can have your event catered that won’t conform to others’ expectations but are sure to be a hit. Throughout the course of this brief article, you’ll learn about just a few unique catering options.


Biscuits are the warm, flaky, dense comfort food that have been a staple of catering trends for years upon years. However, there are numerous variations on biscuits that can make your catering event truly stand out. For example, instead of a traditional tray of biscuits, ask around and see if these can be replaced by buns, pretzel rolls, or croissants.

Locally Sourced Options

Locally sourced food options do not refer to the dish that is in front of you, but rather, from where the dish was procured. With locally sourced options, you can ensure that the money that you spend on catering is going right back into your local economy. This would be a good option if your event is for people who are generally quite conscious of what they eat and where the food comes from.


Umami is not a food, per se, but rather a flavor. While many people have come to recognize categories like sweet, bitter, and savory, umami is a distinctly Japanese flavor that has recently come into the Western public’s consciousness. A prime example of an umami flavor is a Japanese soy sauce. Consider options that can carry this sort of meaty, gluten-heavy flavor, like dumplings or even burgers.

Vegetarian Options

Approximately 16 million people in the United States alone are vegetarian. Chances are, if you cater an event, especially one aimed at a younger, college-aged crowd, you’re going to have a few vegetarians in the mix. It is important to have a wide array of vegetarian dishes, not only to cater to those that consider themselves to be strict vegetarians, but to also add some health conscious options to those that are omnivores. Vegetarian meals can range from the simple, such as seasoned asparagus, to more complex varieties that even emulate the taste and texture of meat.

Hopefully this guide has given you some ideas of unique catering options that you can serve at your event or party. Contact a local and trusted catering company to see about even more robust and singular options.