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Recycling And Your Clamshell Packaging

Posted by on Jan 29, 2015 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Clamshell packaging is very common in many industries. A clamshell container is a hinged container that seals tightly, and can be found holding a variety of contents, from nails to fresh fruit. If you have been to a fast food restaurant that serves it’s burgers in a small cardboard box that flips open, you have utilized a clamshell container. To-go boxes are also considered to be clamshell. They flip open on a hinge like a clamshell. Produce, like berries and other types of fruit, will often come in plastic clamshell containers. If you look around you, you will likely see the use of these containers multiple places in your life. The Recycling Problem Clamshell packaging is often made out of a type of plastic. The type of plastic it is made out of can be determined by looking at...

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Try Out-Of-The-Ordinary Pizza Varieties For A Fun Project

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If you haven’t spent much time exploring different pizza restaurants in your region, start doing so now for a fun project. Over the next several months or throughout the year, try various kinds of pizza at numerous dining establishments and make note of which meals and places you like best. You might get your significant other, friends and relatives in on the venture for more opinions. This is a delicious adventure you’ll assuredly enjoy. Your Favorite Pizza If you’re a fan of pizza, no doubt you have an absolute favorite kind. Whether it’s a thin crust or a Chicago style, a vegetarian pie or one loaded with meat, make a plan to try this version at several restaurants you’ve never been to before.  A Different Sauce Many restaurants offer some pizza sauces that don’t have a tomato base. Two...

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Great Restaurant Atmospheres For Your First Date

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When you’re going out to dinner for your first date, you don’t want to cross the line between casual and too intimate. You want to choose a restaurant atmosphere that is engaging so both you and your date can have a comfortable and fun time. Here are some great restaurant atmospheres you can choose from for your first date, so you can get off on the right foot. Bar and grill Booze and great food mixed with a raucous environment—what’s not to love? Choose a bar and grill for your first date that features great wraps and sandwiches, yummy appetizers, and delicious drinks. A family-friendly bar and grill, like Buzzard Billy’s, is a great venue for your date, since the servers will be friendly, the decor will be tasteful yet fun, and the menu will be varied. TVs on the...

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Two Great Burrito Recipes To Try The Next Time You Cook A Meal

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Burritos are one of the most versatile food items around. They are portable, delicious, and easy to make. While most people think that only traditional Mexican ingredients can go inside a burrito, there are some fusion options that mix the best of Mexican cuisine with food from around the world. Here are a few ways that you can customize your next burrito to make it something new and exciting: Flour tortillas 3 cups of flour 1/3 cup of lard 1 teaspoon of baking powder 1 teaspoon of kosher salt 1 cup of warm water Mix together dry ingredients. Once they are well combined, cut in lard with a pastry knife. Add water and mix for 1 minute using a dough hook. Divide the dough into 8 balls and flatten them with a rolling pin until they are approximately 12...

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Restaurants That Are Vegetarian Friendly

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If you are a vegetarian, or are friends with vegetarians, then you know how difficult it can be to go out to eat. Many restaurants are not vegetarian friendly. They might not offer many meals that are meat-free. Sometimes a restaurant might not have anything that is vegetarian beside salad. If you’re going out to dinner with someone who is a vegetarian, it is a good idea to choose a place where they will feel comfortable. It is awkward to ask the waiter to make special changes to make a meal vegetarian, and often times the cooks will not be able to accommodate the request. Here are some places that are usually vegetarian friendly and some of the meals that you might find on the menu: Italian Restaurants Italian food is really popular and it is also vegetarian friendly....

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