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Tips For Making The Best Pizza In Your Neighborhood

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Who has the best pizza in your neighborhood? Pretty soon it’s going to be you! These inside tips and tricks for preparing great pizza will have your family members and guests raving.  Never, Ever Use the Rolling Pin Pizza dough that’s been pressed with a rolling pin can be tough and chewy. If you’re having a hard time getting your pizza dough to spread out on the cooking surface, this means the strands of gluten have become tough and tight. You can fix this problem by letting the dough “relax”–that is, letting it sit untouched for a few minutes. This will fix the gluten problem and allow you to spread out the dough by gently tugging and pinching it until it spreads into the desired shape.  Preheat Your Oven to a High Temperature Preheat your oven to the desired...

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Kitchen Items For the Outdoor Couple

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When it comes to buying gifts for couples, shopping can be difficult. Some couple create a registry, but they may not even realize all the options that are out there. This is especially true if they are a young couple setting up housekeeping for the very first time. You know that they are going to need some items for the kitchen. You also know how rough it can be to start out on your own, especially if you don’t have a hope chest or anything similar. You’ll want to get the couple kitchen items they will use, but you don’t necessarily want to try to force a particular type of decor on them. The solution is to get them kitchen items that are useful when it comes to their other interests. When it comes to couples who enjoy the...

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How To Survive As An Off-Line Florist In An Online World

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As the internet becomes increasingly expansive, the place for small neighborhood flower businesses seems to be growing smaller. In fact, between the years 2000 and 2011, the number of local independent flower shops declined by 37% across the nation. One of the biggest reasons for the decline is due to huge corporate online florists. Unfortunately, most people find it easier to send Aunt Edna flowers with a few clicks than going into a flower shop and purchasing their bouquets in person. The florists that do make their businesses work have learned a few tricks. If you own or are employed by a neighborhood florist, you may want to try these handy tips to keep your business in the black, and the flowers in the green. Make the Most of Every Sale Barring an electronic disaster, you will never have...

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How To Extend The Life And Nutritional Value Of Your Wholesale Produce

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Fresh fruits and vegetables are expensive, especially during winter when half of the U.S. Is covered with ice and snow. When you find a good deal on wholesale produce, you want to stock up, but then, how do you make it last and remain healthy? There are a few ways you can extend the life and nutritional value of your produce prizes. Vacuum Sealing Vacuum sealing your fruits and vegetables removes any opportunity for bacteria to grow and decreases the anaerobic process that causes fruit and vegetables to decompose. Sometimes wholesale fruits and vegetables have a limited shelf life, and if you stock up without vacuum sealing and freezing or refrigerating it, you could lose a lot of it to your garbage can. Canning and Pickling If you have never learned the old-fashioned art of canning and pickling, now...

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Recycling And Your Clamshell Packaging

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Clamshell packaging is very common in many industries. A clamshell container is a hinged container that seals tightly, and can be found holding a variety of contents, from nails to fresh fruit. If you have been to a fast food restaurant that serves it’s burgers in a small cardboard box that flips open, you have utilized a clamshell container. To-go boxes are also considered to be clamshell. They flip open on a hinge like a clamshell. Produce, like berries and other types of fruit, will often come in plastic clamshell containers. If you look around you, you will likely see the use of these containers multiple places in your life. The Recycling Problem Clamshell packaging is often made out of a type of plastic. The type of plastic it is made out of can be determined by looking at...

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Try Out-Of-The-Ordinary Pizza Varieties For A Fun Project

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If you haven’t spent much time exploring different pizza restaurants in your region, start doing so now for a fun project. Over the next several months or throughout the year, try various kinds of pizza at numerous dining establishments and make note of which meals and places you like best. You might get your significant other, friends and relatives in on the venture for more opinions. This is a delicious adventure you’ll assuredly enjoy. Your Favorite Pizza If you’re a fan of pizza, no doubt you have an absolute favorite kind. Whether it’s a thin crust or a Chicago style, a vegetarian pie or one loaded with meat, make a plan to try this version at several restaurants you’ve never been to before.  A Different Sauce Many restaurants offer some pizza sauces that don’t have a tomato base. Two...

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